New racing car system combines R/C, slot car and video gaming technology.

Wow Stuff starts search for distribution partner for Real FX with new teaser trailer

Wow Stuff is looking for a distribution partner for its new Real FX Racing system and has released the product’s latest teaser trailer to pique interest.

The product has been four years in the making and combines the technology of slot car racing, remote controlled vehicles and video gameplay.

Each car locks on to the track without the need for slots and can be driven around the track at high speeds.

Video gaming technology offers a range of virtual content including oil spills, distinctive engine noises and built in lap timers.

Wow Stuff CEO, Richard North, said: "We have combined the content richness of video gameplay with R/C speed and freedom [for the cars] to overtake.

"All this is combined with the racetrack experience of slot cars. It’s a surreal experience that when you try it absorbs you. The cars just stick to the roll out racetrack like slots, but if you go too fast they’ll spin off. Press an R/C button on the handset and drive your car straight back onto the track where they can lock back on – all the time the system knows who is in the lead how long you came off the track for."

The firm has released a second Youtube clip, demonstrating the product in real life working action.

North concluded: "We have three granted and published patents which enables us to create a whole new toy category.

"With slots residing largely as a classic hobbyist category and R/C having little innovation in gameplay since it was created we are excited with finding the right distribution partners who can use our technology and brand to engage the new digital kids world and change the wheeled vehicle category forever."

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