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Bloggers and children encouraged to 'build something new from something old' to house Canimal characters.

Vivid takes wraps off Canimals Recycling Challenge

Vivid played its part in helping raise awareness of recycling during National Recycle Week, launching the Canimals Recycling Challenge.

The firm tasked selected bloggers and their children with creating something new out of something old to house one of its Squeaky Canimal characters.

The campaign was launched to help teach children the importance of recycling by making it an engaging activity.

Bloggers were sent a Squeaky Canimal and set the challenge to re-use existing household materials to create a new habitat.

Results included houses, swimming pools and a rocket.

“The challenge produced some fantastic, fun examples of recycling.” said Kerry Paternoster, senior brand manager at Vivid.

“The Canimals are all about creating something extraordinary out of something ordinary, so the Canimals Recycling Challenge was the perfect fit to help raise awareness during Recycle Week.”

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