Hasbro's interactive pet toy is performing well in the UK, Germany, France and Spain.

Furby to “take Europe by storm” this year

The NPD Group is expecting huge success for Hasbro’s Furby again this year as it looks set to become the biggest-selling toy of 2013 in Europe.

The prediction follows record sales achieved by the updated toy after launching in the UK last September. Furby became the best-selling toy over Christmas last year.

Since launching across Europe, the toy has reached the top position in Spain and is number one in the youth electronics category in Germany and France.

Furby now looks set to revive the European toy sector which experienced a slight drop in sales of one per cent last year; and so far in 2013 with a dip in outdoor toy sales due to bad weather.

An NPD statement read: "Crowned best-selling Christmas toy in the UK in 2012, the reinvented toy pet looks set to take Europe’s top five markets by storm this year."

Frederique Tutt, global toy industry analyst with the NPD Group, said: "With its huge popularity in the UK, Spain, France and Germany, we are witnessing the start of a new European toy craze.

"The success of the reinvented Furby shows the crucial role that innovation and new product launches play in maintaining healthy sales levels in the toy market. Furby was the icon for the toy market last Christmas and its continued success has really brightened up the first four months of 2013."

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