Children can tap the NFC product on a smartphone to play a daily message.

US: Tooth fairy necklace toy seeks funding

An interactive tooth fairy necklace toy that uses NFC (near field communication) technology is seeking funding.

Created by US firm BaubleApp, a unit of ZyntroPics, the FairyHeart necklace is made from glittered resin and features a tiny NFC tag inside. 

Kids can simply tap their smartphone to the FairyHeart and the companion app will open, allowing the tooth fairy to deliver a daily audio message to the child.

The crowdfunding campaign launched on Crowd Supply

“We have created an integrated experience for children to use a smartphone to interact with personal, offline objects to deliver daily greetings from a favourite childhood character: the tooth fairy,” said co-creator Joanna Robinson. 

A spokesperson told ToyNews: "The inclusion of NFC into objects and then extending what can be done with that object or experience does cross into game and toy territory, since it’s more than a passive fashion accessory.

"NFC will start to create these hybrid categories that simply haven’t existed before." 

The company estimates 80 million visits from the tooth fairy take place each year in the US. It also claims that one fifth of smartphones in the US will have NFC technology by the end of 2013.

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