THE TOYOLOGIST: The Royalympics

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

June 1st 2012 at 11:51AM
THE TOYOLOGIST: The Royalympics

Peter Jenkinson talks about the toys inspired by this year's big summer events.

For so many weeks I’ve been shouting at the radio whenever there has been a debate about the Olympic ticket debacle - if you didn’t get any tickets just get over it and watch it on the gogglebox, while grinning smugly that you aren’t stuck in the almighty public transport hell that is certain to occur.

Saying that, I had forgotten that I’d applied for tickets, my confirmation of purchase arrived via email this last week - a pair for the synchronised swimming. I am much more excited than I should be. If only that beach volleyball application had been successful then I’d have been whooping just a little bit louder.

My Team GB Lego set is still lost in the post, it appears, but what a mighty fine array of athletes in Minifigure form they are. 

I’ve cleared a fair bit of space at Chez Jenko to accommodate them when they arrive. In better news, my Playmobil “non-branded, nothing at all to do with the Olympics 2012 or any other branded phrase that’ll get you locked in the stocks by LOCOG if you dare use on of their protected words” athletes are sat here at my desk looking very dapper indeed.

I had a wander over to the Olympic park this week. The Toyology offices are based slap bang next to the o2 and just short hop away from Stratford City – that behemoth of a shopping centre complete with a multitude of wallet emptying opportunities, including a Lego shop where I rediscovered the art of retail therapy all over again.

The staff were outstanding. They really knew their eight-studs from their elbows. Every one of them was so eager I’d assumed it was their first day, or that the big boss was doing a store surveillance. But no, they’d all been there for months and just very much liked what they did. I am sending my CV to Lego HQ today, offering my services to their retail arm in exchange for minimal monetary compensation; yes they really did look that happy.

Am feeling just a tad disappointed ahead of all this weekend’s Jubilee shenanigans that no-one has created a Minifigure set of the royal family, complete with corgis (this would’ve sold out in seconds surely?) 

How about a brick based state landau carriage, or a 3,000-piece Buckingham palace. A limited edition Sandringham? I will get on the phone to her Maj, but probably not today, as I think she is a bit busy.

Anyway, to celebrate all things Blighty this weekend I am finally going to bust open my Lego Tower Bridge build, it’s often been picked up, looked at and then left, not quite sure why I just think it’s been waiting for a special occasion, and there really is no more special one than this extended bank holiday is there?

Peter Jenkinson is from and sometimes hums the national anthem just so he can stand up randomly.