THE TOYOLOGIST: Feeling Festive

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

July 3rd 2012 at 11:42AM
THE TOYOLOGIST: Feeling Festive

Fueled by early festive treats, Peter Jenkinson is getting in the mood for Christmas in July. But could it be coming too early?

At no time in the past decade has the Christmas bug begun to bite quite so quickly as it has done this year.

The trend to giving the yuletide season a kick-start early in the year was a bloody brilliant idea when the original Christmas In July was formed a few years back by the Evolution PR crew. They should’ve trade-marked it.

I’ve thirty plus events celebrating various retail outlets Christmas offerings to attend over the next two weeks. Am I complaining? No I am not.

It is a fine time to be a journalist, lugging generously laden bags around central London, on some days from one event to another, crossing paths with fellow scribes and discussing the merits of other shows, what to look out for and the highlights of each.

The bigger High Street retailers tend to host bigger events and have their Christmas food and drink combined with all the gift and toy wares so we all get to enjoy an unseasonal tipple and munch on what’s hot for this Yules’ table – you’ve got to pace yourself on some days.

With Hamleys first out of the blocks this year with their top ten toys for Christmas 2012, and a Magnificent Seven list, as well as a last minute commendation to the marvellous Attacknids. They’ve done pretty well, it seems on the coverage front, but will they have to go even earlier next year.

I’m not interested in a shift towards Christmas in June, it is just too soon. I think most of you will concur, I mean last February seems like it was just a few weeks back to me.

Without doubt the first out get the press, so well done Hamleys, but I’m thinking it might start a precedent for 2013. If we don’t find the right balance between it being quirky to talk about Christmas in the summer period, and just releasing loads of predictions for six months ahead that the mass media might just, well, pay a tad less attention to.

For 2012 I think it is amazing that toys are getting press right now, it’s good news stuff from the UK, compliments the Jubilee glee and forthcoming sporting shenanigans and so Team GB (that’s all of us) generally looks a very optimistic place to be a member of.

If you really want to get into the spirit(s) of Christmas there isn’t a better place to be this week than the original Christmasinjuly( – Not because it is full of over exuberant Yuletide efforts (santa costumed folk and loads of bedecked trees) but a really decent spread of what’s being pushed by some of the biggest toy players in the UK this year.

So from this fine affair I shall be moving on to Tesco to see what the supermarket has on offer in their wine aisles later in the year and then onto Disney’s Xmas do where there are always some fun photo opportunities to be had and then of course, onto my first terrifying experience of hosting my own event on the July 6th.

Still, the week after that there are a few more to attend and either brag about my own gatherings success or drown some sorrows.

Peter Jenkinson is the organiser of and hasn’t slept well or a while, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Advocaat is his favourite Xmas tipple.