Worlds Apart grabs Horrible Histories

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

March 5th 2012 at 5:10PM
Worlds Apart grabs Horrible Histories

Firm is developing a range of boys' collectable and interactive play-sets for the property.

As master toy licensee, Worlds Apart will offer a range featuring many of the popular Horrible Histories characters including the Romans, Egyptians, Tudors, Pirates and Vikings and creates a range of figures and battle arenas that combine action and collectable heroes, as well as strategy for older boys.

The range also features armies, accessories and game cards and boys will be able to battle with friends or arrange and display their collections.  

The toys will cover all price points from pocket money collectables through to a hero large battle arena. 

"Horrible Histories is one of those amazing properties that manages to capture children’s imaginations whilst feeding them important information that will no doubt help them throughout their school years.

"As one of many parents at Worlds Apart, we are all unanimous in our enthusiasm for this project, having seen how much our kids enjoy the books and the TV," said Lucy Wynn Jones, head of licensing at Worlds Apart.

She continued: "Having a strong boys line alongside our Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose friends range is going to further strengthen our core range and we are confident that Worlds Apart’s business and retailer partnerships will all benefit significantly from this new introduction."

Creative Rights Agency’s Richard Scrivener added: "We were very impressed how Worlds Apart has captured the essence of Horrible Histories in this toy range through their creative approach to the license.

"We are really excited about the launch for spring 2013 and huge development potential for the future."