US: Toys R Us tips My Keepon as top Christmas toy

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

August 12th 2011 at 11:07AM
US: Toys R Us tips My Keepon as top Christmas toy

Robot from Wow Stuff gets the backing of Toys R Us, which has exclusive US distribution.

Bloomberg Businessweek has reported that Toys R Us is backing Wow Stuff's latest product as it readies for launch.

“When you see it rocking out, you just can’t help but love it,” Richard Barry, a vice-president at Toys R Us told the publication.

Toys R Us is planning to back the product with marketing campaigns in-store and on television. “It will have a huge presence,” said Barry.

My Keepon began life as part of a research project on autism and was developed as a therapeutic tool. Wow Stuff caught wind of the robot and has changed the software to make it into an affordable toy.

The robot, which has been a hit on YouTube, dances to music and responds to touch. Wow Stuff has agreed to donate a portion of the sales to autism research.

The robot, along with Wow Stuff's inflatable R/C shark and fish, Air Swimmers, will also feature in Wow Stuff biggest TV ad campaign to date in the UK.