US: Toys R Us doubles number of pop-up stores

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

September 10th 2010 at 9:19AM
US: Toys R Us doubles number of pop-up stores

Retail giant set to open 600 temporary outlets in the run up to Christmas.

Toys R Us is planning to open the 600 pop-up stores in malls and shopping centers around the US this Christmas season.

That is more than six times the number of temporary outlets opened last year. Many of those nearly 90 Toys R Us Express locations have remained open through 2010.

The company said the latest initiative should broaden its reach and win more shoppers and brings its number of outlets from 587 to nearly 1,200 stores.

“By doubling the number of Toys R Us locations nationwide, now more than ever we will be available when and where customers want to shop with us this holiday season,” said CEO Jerry Storch.

The new outlets will create around 10,000 temporary jobs across the US.