Ubooly: the app toy that educates children

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

April 25th 2012 at 4:10PM
Ubooly: the app toy that educates children

This plush toy incorporates an iPhone or iPad to talk to kids.

Amid the growing market for smart phones and tablets, Ubooly is an orange plush toy which uses an iPhone or iPad to become an interactive educational tool for children.

Designed by husband and wife team Isaac Squires and Carly Glodge, along with co-founder Gavin Lee, Ubooly’s app uses voice recognition software to be able to understand and respond back to children.

Glodge has describe the product as an “edu-tainment” tool, one which could help a child enhance their maths skills or learn a new language through downloading learning activities.

It also has a memory so it can refer back to past playtimes and a weekly score card can be sent to parents’ email accounts to show how their child has scored on educational activities.

Speaking to Mashable.com Glodge, said: “What we really wanted to do was make a smart toy. We realised there’s a lot of great technology out there and not a lot of toys utilising that.”

Ubooly is designed to be sturdier than traditional plush toys to help protect the expensive technology inside if the child drops it.

As technology continues to develop, additional apps will be released. Glodge said: “The toy evolves from what they initially buy at the store. If a kid is not engaging with the toy, it will adjust its content.”

Pre-order’s are currently being taken by the company and Ubooly is expected to be in US speciality stores by October 2012.