Trash Pack is a top three new property

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

March 16th 2012 at 10:35AM
Trash Pack is a top three new property

Heavyweight advertising and a school sampler help make Flair's new collectable line a hit.

Flair's blind bag collectable Trash Pack - 'the gross gang in your garbage' - is in the top three new licensed properties, according to the latest NPD figures.

Brand manager, Anne-Marie Noon, said: "The Trash Pack sales have been phenomenal and have been testament to the creative marketing we have put behind the launch. Not only has there been heavyweight TV since before Christmas, but an online campaign with Swapits also proved very successful."

Flair has followed up the marketing with a six-figure sampling campaign targeting pupils at 750 participating schools.

The sampler, which began in March, is being held in conjunction with a junior weekly newspaper's recycling drive. Kids received a Trash Pack sample for designing a ‘stick it in the trash’ poster.

"With the sampling programme underway we expect to see even greater results," said Noon. "Getting the schools involved and creating Trash Pack 'Packs' for each has been a mammoth undertaking but has been really worthwhile. The whole campaign has a great message that fits with the Curriculum and has the potential to create tens of thousands of new fans at the same time."

Autumn/winter will see the launch of Trash Pack series two, which Flair will back with even more creative marketing.