Toys R Us teams with XYZprinting to stock 'family friendly' 3D printers

Billy Langsworthy

By Billy Langsworthy

October 7th 2016 at 11:32AM
UPDATED October 7th 2016 at 12:07PM
Toys R Us teams with XYZprinting to stock 'family friendly' 3D printers

Toys R Us will stock 3D printers from XYZprinting’s da Vinci range, with prices starting at £239.99.

Toys R US has partnered with XYZprinting to stock the firm's da Vinci range of family friendly 3D printers.

Available is the da Vinci miniMaker (£239.99)  the 3D printer brand’s most child-friendly, lightweight model, as well as the new da Vinci Mini (£249.99) and the slightly larger da Vinci Junior Wi-fi (£399.99), which both have Wi-fi connectivity.

The 3D printers will be offered in selected stores this year, with the full range available online.

“Technology continues to evolve rapidly, so it’s more important than ever for children to experience and enjoy tech and gadgets that will shape their future," said Andy Brocklehurst, director of merchandise for Toys R Us.

"XYZprinting’s range of plug-and-play 3D printers are specifically designed for people with no prior knowledge, so they’re perfect for families looking to explore the possibilities together, as well as being tremendous fun.”

Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting, added: “Our aim has always been to make 3D printing accessible to everyone, and our partnership with Toys R Us is a fantastic step in helping children get their hands on 3D printers for study and play.

"We want young people to be able to access and learn about 3D printers as easily and safely as a paper printer, so this range has been designed with children front of mind.”