TOYMASTER 2012: Hornby to unveil Kings of War

Samantha Loveday

By Samantha Loveday

May 18th 2012 at 11:39AM
TOYMASTER 2012: Hornby to unveil Kings of War

Firm has joined forces with Mantic Games for new gift set.

Hornby Hobbies will be showcasing Mantic Games' new Kings of War gift set at next week's Toymaster event.

The collection comprises of a two man, three to five man and ten man set. Larger sets are also available containing Elves, Undead, Dwarf and Orc armies. Prices start at £4.99 for a two man set - this includes two miniature figures, two 3ml Humbrol Acrylic Paints, a 5ml poly cement and one brush.

"This exciting relationship gives us the opportunity to expand our customer base into the world of fantasy war gaming," said Dale Luckhurst, product manager for Humbrol. "With continued success of Airfix starter sets, which include paints, brushes and glue, we plan to implement the same concept to Kings of War.

"Mantic will be supported by the well-established Humbrol brand, with a wide range of paints and accessories already in place within the modelling market."