TOY FAIR 09: Board games help beat the crunch

By ToyNews Staff

January 29th 2009 at 11:33AM
TOY FAIR 09: Board games help beat the crunch

Old fashioned entertainment, recycled toys and educational software help retailers.

A Reuters poll of exhibitors and attendees ay Toy Fair this week indicates a lot of people are looking back in order to move forward.

The article says the overall consumer trend right now is towards old-fashioned board games or educational software as budgets tighten in the economic downturn.

Specifically, parent appear to be turning towards brands that they know from their own childhoods.

Marko Ilincic, managing director of Lego UK, told Reuters: "I think what we're noticing is a massive resurgence on classic toys. It's not just Lego, but a lot of classic brands."

Sarah Campbell, a sales manager at the House of Marbles, added: "When times are bad, people turn to nostalgia and remember good old times. We are actually pleased with the recession, because when the world is falling apart, everyone recalls their childhood memories and buys marbles."