This week's most read stories on ToyNews

Billy Langsworthy

By Billy Langsworthy

July 29th 2016 at 9:01AM
This week's most read stories on ToyNews

News of LEGO's top seven items for Christmas 2016 has topped this week's list.

Have you been too busy to catch up on the latest news from the toy industry this week?

Well, worry not because we have compiled our regular list of the top ten most stories on ToyNews for the week ending Friday, July 29th for you.

The top ten most read stories of the week are as follows:

1. LEGO unveils top seven items for Christmas 2016

2 .ToyNews Women of the Year 2016: Winners revealed

3. Hasbro unveils new mouthpiece challenge game Speak Out

4. HOW I MADE IT: Shreena Hirani and BrainBuild

5. IN PICTURES: ToyNews Women of the Year 2016

6. Toy designers demand more support from the industry and UK government

7. Cartoon Network signs new toy deals for Rick and Morty

8. US: Nerf and Play-Doh become first toy brands to get Amazon Dash Buttons

9. US: Ghostbusters toy sales surpassing expectations, says Mattel

10. Power Rangers hits number five action figure spot ahead of Dino Charge launch this summer