The week's top ten most-read

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

October 14th 2011 at 10:58AM
The week's top ten most-read

Find out what the industry has been reading this week.

Have you been too busy to catch up on the news this week? Don't worry - our top ten brings you the biggest headlines from the toy trade, every Friday.

Here are the most popular articles from the week ending October 14th.

1. US: Walmart lists top 20 toys for Christmas

2. Asda declares price war on Toys R Us and Argos

3. Ben Gordon to leave Mothercare

4. Vivid signs the Hobbit

5. New EU safety directive targets toys

6. Bieber haircut costs US toy-maker $100,000

7. Mothercare UK revenues fall further

8. Wow Stuff warns retailer's over fake Air Swimmers

9. Lego giveaway in The Sun and The News of the World

10. Moshi Monsters signs 100th licence