The In Thing gets behind Moshi Monsters

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

September 21st 2011 at 4:57PM
The In Thing gets behind Moshi Monsters

Firm had an 'amazing reaction' to the Moshi product offering from visitors at Autumn Fair.

Of particular interest was the launch of the new Moshi Monsters Slap Watches, which The In Thing sales team are pictured proudly wearing on their stand at the show.

Managing director, Paul Jackson, commented: "We already hold 25 Moshi SKUs which will increase to 40 pre-Christmas, as a company we are 100 per cent behind Moshi and firmly believe it can only get better into 2012 and beyond."
The In Thing offers a wide range of Moshi products with some of their biggest lines including plush items, Moshling’s, Mini Action Figures, 2012 Calendars, Trading Cards, Top Trumps, stickers etc.
The £9.99 RRP Slap Watches started shipping this week with the £3.99 Sports Watches due in October. Just like all Moshi Monster products, each watch comes complete with a secret code to help kids in the online world.