OPINION: Toys and the online revolution

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

February 21st 2011 at 11:53AM
OPINION: Toys and the online revolution

Matthew Warneford from Dubit Platform explains how toys can profit from the online world.

Digital toys, interactive cartoons, social games and virtual worlds – whatever you call them, they are no fad.
We’re all human, we need friends, and we all want to have fun. Virtual worlds offer exactly that, a place to have fun with friends. Their appeal is clear, and they’re here to stay.

Since gaining wider notoriety three years ago when Disney bought leading virtual world, Club Penguin for $700m, it’s been this basic desire for fun with friends which has driven the number of registered virtual world players to over one billion – double the number from 18 months ago. Virtual world strategists, KZero, see no signs of this growth slowing.

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