Nuxley Toys in Welling to close

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

February 24th 2012 at 11:36AM
Nuxley Toys in Welling to close

Formerly a chain of toy shops, the independent trader now has only one store remaining.

Nuxley Toys in Welling will close its doors on March 10th after more than 40 years in business.

Once a chain, the independent has shut shops in Bexleyheath, Sussex and Belvedere and now has one toy shop left on Milton Road in Gravesend, which has been trading for 36 years.

Owner Jean Ray (pictured) blamed parking costs and the poor economic conditions following the collapse of banks.

She told local paper The Reporter: “It’s heartbreaking, I’m devastated, we have been here in Welling for more than 40 years. We have had fantastic customers. We are now going to focus on Gravesend.”

She added: “At one point we had a shop in Bexleyheath, one in Uckfield in Sussex and the original shop in Nuxley Road, Belvedere, which is where the company got its name from. This is my favourite shop.

“What did not help is the banks closing, so people didn’t pop in and pay their bills and go shopping.”