Merrythought wins Fortnum and Mason accolade

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

June 16th 2011 at 11:38AM
Merrythought wins Fortnum and Mason accolade

Plush firm wins supplier award from the iconic London retailer.

The long standing teddy bear company was selected from the many brands that supply Fortnum & Mason, due in part to the great success of Fortescue - the Fortnum’s teddy bear and Master Mason - but also in recognition of the service Merrythought provides.

Sarah and Hannah Holmes of Merrythought received the award at the 2011 Supplier Conference, held at Fortnum & Mason’s Piccadilly store.
Simon Burdess, trading director, Fortnum & Mason, said: "As a supplier to Fortnum & Mason, Merrythought has provided us with a faultless service. They use the finest materials and all their bears are handmade.

"In addition, their samples are always on time and they have been very responsive to our needs – they’ve been able to produce additional stock at short notice to meet demand due to their products being so popular."
A limited edition 2011 Christmas bear will also be handmade in England by Merrythought. This will be Fortnum and Mason’s first bespoke, collectable teddy bear. An exclusive 2012 Diamond Jubilee bear is also due to hit shelves next year.

Burdess added: "We intend to build on the success of ‘Fortescue’ with a fantastic new Christmas Fortnum & Mason bear who will wear our trademark red tailcoat."
A London 2012 Olympic Games Commemorative Teddy Bear from Merrythought will also be available from Fortnum & Mason and is due to feature in store later this summer.