Mega introduces mobile technology

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

December 20th 2010 at 10:33AM
Mega introduces mobile technology

Firm adds QR codes to toy line, allowing consumers to view product info on a smart phone.

In 2011 Mega Bloks will launch new QR codes on its product packaging and print advertising. Spanning its boys and collectors’ portfolio, the codes will first appear on Dragons Universe, Halo and the new Blok Squad range, and will then be rolled out to additional ranges.

The QR (quick response) codes allow consumers to instantly view product information, images, videos and instructions on a mobile page. This can be achieved by downloading a QR Code reader on a smart phone, which can then read the QR code on pack or in print.

In addition to new QR technology, Mega plans to refresh its microsites with a number of new innovative features. Kids will be able to view new 360° rotating product views, which explode showcasing the product build.

In touch with one of the latest trends in media, Mega will also be introducing 30-second product videos onto its product pages bringing all the features of the product to life.

Further innovation also includes a programme called Digitalise - a new digital playbook, which acts as an interactive instruction manual and allows kids to view every build stage of a product online. The booklet will be available to view on mobile product pages through the QR code.

Pete Fuller, marketing manager, Mega Bloks said: “These are really exciting times for Mega as we begin using really innovative technology to give our customers a new digital experience and a heightened product offering.

"The QR technology means that consumers can quickly and easily obtain information about the brands and products anywhere with just a click of a button.

"With the growing number of kids on the internet and using new mobile technology, the presence for our brands online is very important and we feel this increased interactivity will help boost our connection with both kids and parents alike and ultimately our sales.”