Mattel updates Scrabble Trickster

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

October 3rd 2011 at 4:01PM
Mattel updates Scrabble Trickster

The latest version introduces five rules contributed by the British public.

Mattel has revealed details of its new Scrabble Trickster UK Edition, which contains a new set of fan-made rules.

Over 1,500 suggestions were sent in after Mattel made a public appeal for new ideas.

The five new rules are:

Text speak – use acronyms such as like OMG or LOL.
Double scores for anadromes – words which make another word when spelt backwards such as Spam/Maps.
Pass – offload an undesirable tile to an opponent.
Replace – swap any one tile on the board with one of your own to steal the points.
Challenge – a challenge where opponents try to beat the score of the card-holder.

Scrabble Trickster still plays like the original version, except when a player gets a Trick square they get the chance to invoke a rule-breaker of their choice.

Last year, Scrabble Trickster caused a commotion amongst purist fans when it broke tradition with new rules, such as playing words backwards, using celebrity names and stealing other players' tiles.

Available for order now, Scrabble Trickster UK Edition has a guide retail price of £20.