Lego relaunches online shop

Ronnie Dungan

By Ronnie Dungan

September 29th 2009 at 11:53AM
Lego relaunches online shop

Lego has invested in a major overhaul of its online retailing shop -

Using the a new ATG commerce platform the Group will create a new global Web shop that will enable the company to enhance its marketing and merchandising efforts to shoppers.

In recent years, it has built a strong direct to consumer presence by giving consumers the ability to shop online, as well as play and build with virtual Lego bricks. 

"More and more are turning to the Web to shop, play and learn, so it is incredibly important that we ensure provides an engaging personal experience that motivates them to a deeper relationship with Lego products, experiences, and services," said Skip Kodak, Lego's vice president, Direct to Consumer.