Hasbro unveils new Star Wars figurines

Dominic Sacco

By Dominic Sacco

February 1st 2013 at 10:49AM
Hasbro unveils new Star Wars figurines

New toys reach new heights of six inches

Hasbro is to release a new range of Star Wars figurines that are larger, more detailed and with more articulation.

According to USA Today, the new Black Series is designed to transition the gap between the traditional 3.75-inch toys “which is rooted in the childhood memories of generations of now-grown kids”, and the 12-inch figurines for adult collectors.

“We consider them the best figures that Hasbro's ever produced for Star Wars that meets the sensibilities of romancing the character as well as the playability and poseability that fans really appreciate,” said Hasbro’s vice president of boy’s marketing, Derryl DePriest.

Four figurines will be released at first – Luke Skywalker in his XD-Wing flight suit, R2-D2, Darth Maul and an Imperial Sandtrooper – which are due out in early to mid-August. In addition, the 3.75-inch figures will still be produced.

The figurines appear to be primarily designed for nerdy man-children who wish to share their love of the Star Wars galaxy with their real children.

“Our focus here is the adult collector, the dad,” continues DePriest. “We know they have their own generation of youngsters they like to share the adventure with. It can be something for dad, and the 3¾ world can be something for the kids to share.”