Hasbro's Ouija Board movie resurrected

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

March 6th 2012 at 10:56AM
Hasbro's Ouija Board movie resurrected

The supernatural spirit board film is back on as a low-budget project; Could hit cinemas in 2013.

For a second time, Universal has agreed to make a movie based on Hasbro's Ouija Board, which could now reach cinema screens as early as next year.

The studio decided to drop the project in 2011, along with a number of other Hasbro properties including Stretch Armstrong.

The project was originally given a budget of $100 million, but Universal will now take a more B-movie approach with a $5 million budget.

Universal has also hired producer Jason Blum, who helped make inexpensive supernatural horror films like Paranormal Activity and Insidious successes at the box office.

If the film manages to achieve some of that famous Blair Witch-style believability, it could bode well for sales of the inevitable Ouija Board re-incarnation from Hasbro.

Among believers, Ouija Boards are still one of the most popular ways to make contact with the spirit world.