Gogo?s goes on tour

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

April 27th 2009 at 11:26AM
Gogo?s goes on tour

Gogo?s Crazy Bones took to the road over Easter for two days of swapping action.

Organised by Rainbow Productions and licensing PR agency Kilogrammedia, the tour kicked off at The Entertainer in Kingston on April 17th, before heading on to the Yate branch near Bristol the next day.

Fans were given the opportunity to swap up to 15 of their collection with the official Gogo’s swap team. Swappers were also given the chance to win one of the five rare figures and two fans won a competition, taking home all the Gogo’s swapped on each day.

All swappers also received a Laser Mosh Gogo, which isn’t yet available to buy. 

Simon Foulkes of Rainbow Productions said: “We have managed many promotional tours over the years but rarely have we seen anything like the reaction at the Gogo’s swapping events.

"They were a tremendous success for all concerned - fans descended in their hundreds and many completed their collections by swapping all their doubles for new characters – even some grandparents allowed themselves a sneaky swap.”

Dave Maynard, manager of The Entertainer in Kingston added: “The swap day was a massive event. We were absolutely inundated with Gogo’s fans, which was no surprise given the enthusiasm kids are showing for the brand. Anything Gogo’s related just flies off our shelves and it’s all we can do to keep up with demand.”

Further dates for swap tours are now being considered for later on in the year.