Gibsons unveils party game Plop!

Jade Burke

By Jade Burke

September 21st 2016 at 11:48AM
UPDATED September 22nd 2016 at 12:01PM
Gibsons unveils party game Plop!

The game encourages players to drop their deposit into a miniature toilet bowl, using just their bottom.

Gibsons is bolstering its games portfolio, with its latest addition of party game, Plop!

Designed with a tongue-in-cheek theme, the game sees players transport a deposit using nothing but their very own bottom.

Once players have reached the miniature toilet without dropping their deposit, they must aim and put it into the toilet bowl.

With 40 challenge cards included, those who manage to get all five of their deposits into the toilet wins.

Plop! is available now for £17.99.