FEATURE: Drumond basics

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

February 16th 2009 at 9:58AM
FEATURE: Drumond basics

Jon Salisbury speaks to co-founder and marketing director of Drumond Park, Clare McCool.

“Our raison d’être has always been to bring top quality, highly innovative and long-lasting titles to the market – products which have continuing appeal, year after year,” says a bullish Clare McCool.

Examples over the past decade include Articulate and Absolute Balderdash, which continue to be TV-advertised each year and are never out of the top ten adult games lists, a category that potentially could have been the most challenging considering it meant taking on the big brands.

“We feel that the key to our success has been in supporting each of them.” She also believes that each SKU has to earn its keep. “We have a relatively tight, totally unique product line that always justifies the shelf space it occupies, maintaining a balance between creating our own brands, acquiring and individually developing key TV game-show licensed properties, and taking on board brands which have been neglected over a period and are in need of a complete overhaul.”

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