Early Rider links with The Conran Shop

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

March 12th 2012 at 11:15AM
Early Rider links with The Conran Shop

Three special edition products will make their debut at the relaunch of the flagship store in Chelsea.

The special edition balance bikes will be exclusive to The Conran Shop and feature unique colours, specially made chrome badgework and splashes of Conran-blue.

The white and pale grey Spherovelo will be the star of the show plus the Alley Runner and Belter will make their debut at the reopening of the flagship store at Michelin House in Chelsea on April 26th. The firm will also be revealing a special edition Conran Early Rider Classic.

Early Rider has been working with Conran since the team approached the company, having seen the new Spherovelo.

The Conran Shop has branches worldwide with two key stores in London – Chelsea and Marylebone; a store in Paris, New York, Dublin and five stores in Japan.

Early Rider commented: "We are very happy to announce that our new 2012 Early Rider products are being officially launched by Conran. Excited is not the word."