Corgi celebrates Diamond Jubilee

Katie Roberts

By Katie Roberts

April 11th 2012 at 10:51AM
Corgi celebrates Diamond Jubilee

Firm commemorates event with range of die-cast collectable models and souvenirs.

The regal collection includes iconic British vehicles such as a Routemaster Bus and a Mini, with exclusive Diamond Jubilee themed liveries, and a range of characterised pin badges and figurine key rings, including Beefeaters, Queens Guards, Police Officers and Corgi dogs.

The collection ranges from £3.99 for characterised pin badges to £29.99 for a three-piece limited edition Days Gone set, including iconic vehicles of the past.
Martyn Weaver, Hornby marketing manager, commented: "This year celebrates a special moment in British history and we are thrilled to be creating a range of exclusive die-cast collectable models and souvenirs which also come in bespoke Corgi Diamond Jubilee packaging.

"With our Great British heritage, we are enormously proud to create an iconic range for the Queen which includes some of the most recognisable figures associated with her, from Beefeaters to her beloved corgis."