Cityworld wins MGA case

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

June 23rd 2011 at 10:22AM
Cityworld wins MGA case

The Hong Kong toy maker is awarded $7.25 million in losses and costs in nine year High Court battle.

MGA had claimed that Cityworld's Funky Tweenz dolls were a copy of the Bratz brand. The decision was reached on May 19th.


The final figure awarded was based on lost profits - Cityworld had originally secured orders for Funky Tweens from 'Toys R Us of Canada, HTI of the UK, Bizak of Spain, Concentria of Portugal and Intertoys of Holland' - and legal costs.


The High Court report ruled: "Whilst it is perfcetly true that the Funky Tweenz dolls were aimed at and were appealing to the same childhood market as the Bratz dolls, and bore similarities in decoration and make-up, their respective packaging, however, was entirely different and distinctive, and indicated a difference in quality."