Chameleon Art Products launches Blendy Pen

Jade Burke

By Jade Burke

July 11th 2017 at 11:15AM
UPDATED July 11th 2017 at 12:25PM
Chameleon Art Products launches Blendy Pen

The Blendy Pen has been introduced under the new arts and crafts brand, Chameleon Kidz.

Art and crafts creator, Chameleon Art Products, has unveiled a new brand dubbed Chameleon Kidz that includes the Blendy Pen.

Designed to encourage colour blending, the Chameleon Blendy Pen offers a three-in-one system that allows kids to create colour gradations and blend two colours for hundreds of different colour blending combinations.

Plus, kids can also use the pen as a regular marker, which is also washable.

"Chameleon is focused on creating products that allow everyone to achieve more with less," said Julia Benben, innovation director at Chameleon Art Products.

"With art education often cut in schools, this provides a great alternative to teach art in a fun and unique way. It allows kids to learn important art fundamentals while they play and helps develop their creative spark."

Chameleon first launched the new pen through a Kickstarter campaign that was funded in less than eight hours.