Breast feeding baby doll arrives in the UK

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

January 11th 2013 at 11:23AM
Breast feeding baby doll arrives in the UK

Controversial product to be supplied by indie retail distributor DNA Toys.

A controversial doll which lets girls practise breast-feeding is now available in the UK.

The doll – made in Spain – comes with a bib with two appropriately placed flowers on it. Kids put the baby to the flowers to feed it. It then hiccups and can be burped.

The toy is being supplied by DNA Toys – a new distribution firm established by Midlands-based independent retailers David Middleton of Midco Toys and Alan Caswell of the Dudley-based Arcade Toy Shop.

Speaking about how the distribution deal came about, Middleton said: “It was Alan really. He saw them in the newspaper and said: ‘have you seen about these new breastfeeding dolls that are coming out?’

“I had a look and it was in every major newspaper. Some people were against it, some for it. I was a bit dubious but Alan seemed to think it was a good idea so I thought, why not? It’s already got the press.”

The doll has attracted plenty of controversy, but supporters say it can instill the wholesome practise of breast feeding in young women.

“It is a bit dodgy isn’t it?” Middleton said “But some people think it isn’t. Do I think it’s dodgy? Yeah a little bit… but somebody was gonna do it, so why not me?”

Bad taste..? But could it be a success at retail?

Caswell, who owns the Arcade Toy Shop in Dudley is reporting strong sales of the dolls, with the Mayor of Dudley being among the first customers.

DNA Toys’ first line was glove puppets of classic TV character Sooty. “We’ve sold thousands of them,” Middleton revealed to ToyNews. “In fact we’ve sold out at the minute – we’ve got more coming.”

DNA also holds UK distribution rights to KISS action figures.

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