Big Potato to unveil three new games including First Dates game

Jack Ridsdale

By Jack Ridsdale

January 10th 2017 at 11:22AM
UPDATED January 10th 2017 at 12:33PM
Big Potato to unveil three new games including First Dates game

First Dates - The Game, The Chameleon and Thunderbrain and the Colour machines will debut at London Toy Fair later this month

Board game firm Big Potato has announced plans to show three new titles at London Toy Fair later this month.

The first new game will be based on the Channel 4 primetime show First Dates, commissioned by Twenty Twenty Television. The show has been produced for the show's core demographic of young adults and is loosely based on the format of the show.

The Chameleon is a brand new game created by renowned inventor Rikki Tahta (Coup, Melee) and crafted by Big Potato. 

The game sees one player taking the role of the Chameleon. They must blend in and not get caught. The other players don't know who the Chameleon is but they do know the coordinates to a secret word. Using one carefully chosen word each, they try to flush out the Chameleon. But when someone is this good at blending in, innocent people can start looking guilty and the Chameleon can escape undetected.

Thunderbrain and the Colour Machines is the third trivia game to come from Big Potato – after Linkee (now licensed to John Adams in the UK) and Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout. Like the previous quizzes, Thunderbrain has a twist. This time players are given the answers to all the questions before the start, they just have to work out which ones to use.