Activision goes big with Skylanders sequel

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

February 7th 2012 at 4:16PM
Activision goes big with Skylanders sequel

'Skylanders Giants' will feature super-sized collectable toys; Debut set for NY Toy Fair.

Activision's toy/video game concept Skylanders will recieve a sequel and more than 20 new toys this autumn. See the official teaser video for Skylanders Giants below.

Eight of the new collectables will be Giants (double the size of the original figurines) and will incorporate ‘Light Technology’, making them light up when on or near the Portal of Power, with no batteries required.

In-game the Giants’ virtual form and abilities will ‘relfect their colossal scale.’

Eight new regular-sized Skylanders will be added, and the current toys will be forwards compatible, with levelled up stats and customisations transferring over to the new video game.

Toys R Us has once again been chosen as principal retail partner.

Activision says that new features, such as a head-to-head Battle Mode, will encourage kids to collect and level up the toys.

Skylanders Giants will also feature greater integration with the kids virtual world Skylanders Spyro’s Universe.

"Skylanders Spyro's Adventure's success in 2011 validated an exciting idea-that with the right technology, and the creative minds to support it with engaging characters and story, we could define a new model for children's play," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.

Jerry Storch, chairman and CEO at Toys R Us, commented: "Skylanders Giants marks the evolution of this core concept. We've got super-sized figures, remarkably cool new characters that light up, as if by magic, and more ways to play and explore Skylands than ever before.

"While it was still in development, we recognized the potential that Skylanders had to connect with our customers due to its unique merging of physical and digital play. The game was an enormous success last holiday shopping season, and the toys seem to evaporate as soon as they arrive on our store shelves. We're excited to continue our enthusiastic support for Skylanders with a comprehensive, global marketing program to introduce Giants to our customers."

The new line-up will be on show at the North American International Toy Fair in booths 3151 and 3251.