Interview: Jay Foreman, The Bridge Direct

Lewis Tyler

By Lewis Tyler

February 27th 2012 at 5:52PM
Interview: Jay Foreman, The Bridge Direct

It is the US company which has been grabbing headlines thanks to its tie-up with Vivid and Warner Bros on the upcoming toy line for The Hobbit. Samantha Loveday talks to the CEO of The Bridge Direct to find out more?

“Your Company has to have a reason for being more than having goods to sell and a big smile on your face. You have to demonstrate a point of difference and a reason for being.” So says Jay Foreman, president and CEO of US-based toy firm, The Bridge Direct.

Probably best known on this side of the Atlantic for its recent tie-up with Vivid Imaginations on The Hobbit, The Bridge Direct has only been shipping for 18 months, making it a newcomer to the business. However, despite its fledgling status, Foreman is keen to point out that things are going well and the firm is 33 per cent up over last year.

He readily admits that the US market is currently something of a mixed bag; while consumer confidence is way down, consumer spending is up, he says. For The Bridge Direct, its licensed Justin Bieber line was its biggest success of 2011, followed by its Inkoos range of ‘do and redo’ plush (which will be rolling out internationally in 2012). Also due this year is a line of products based on the YouTube series, The Annoying Orange, which Foreman believes has huge breakout potential. And then, of course, there’s the first of the two Hobbit movies arriving in Q4.

“We’re partners with Vivid on this licence,” Foreman explains to ToyNews. “We both joined together to acquire the rights and co-develop and source the product line. We will share the marketplace, with The Bridge handling sales in the Americas and Asia, and Vivid handling sales in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It’s a great way for two smaller toy companies to combine to offer a much bigger programme to a property owner.

“The films will be in theatres in Q4 2012 and Q4 2013. It will be the number one movie in Q4 of both years and the toy line will be a top seller in boys action.”

While Foreman may come across as über confident, he has enough experience under his belt to know to err on the side of caution when it comes to the US economy and the challenges which companies such as The Bridge Direct are facing. “The fact is, things are tougher than ever; we continue to see consolidation at retail, a difficult banking environment with regards to financing and continued cost inflation in China,” he states. “You have to be totally focused on delivering something unique to retail, whether it be innovative features and concepts, hot licences or value-oriented merchandise.

“The consumer needs to release some pent-up demand and loosen the purse strings and spend. I think that’s good for the toy business because we know that when they spend in tough economic times, they spend on their kids. The challenge is that there are no break-out products driving consumers to stores, like a ZhuZhu Pets or Silly Bandz, at the moment.”

Foreman is looking to capitalise on internet brands like The Annoying Orange - which has been a viral hit across the web.

He cites the brands coming from the internet and social media space – properties such as Angry Birds and The Annoying Orange – as where growth is going to come from in the immediate future. “This is the biggest emerging media to affect our market since the video games business broke out 20 years ago and it’s going to spawn a lot of new IP to relate to toys and kids consumer products.”

Foreman’s goals for The Bridge Direct are quite simple. “In 2012 we want to continue to build our footprint at retail by bringing meaningful product to the market,” he concludes. “And I’d like to think within five years, The Bridge would be a growing and important company in the industry.”